Clearing Platform for Media Agencies and Publishers

The data-driven solutions offered by programmatic are on the verge of dominating digital ad budgets. Mercor’s platform is uniquely positioned to service and provide liquidity into the overall marketplace.

We are Mercor;

Mercor clear positions for it’s agencies thus ensuring that the publisher community and media partners deliver their joint revenue goals. Mercor’s platform provide a seamless clearing solution where both agencies and publisher benefit.

Offloading risk and adding value


Mercor trade both video and display inventory across Native, Desktop and Mobile channels (including Connected and Programmatic TV).

Brand Safety

The principal nature of our inventory means that it’s most likely first look, premium and high quality in nature. We can transact on any and all brand safety and audience metrics (CPP, GRP, TRP etc.)

Clearing Partner

Mercor’s inventory is sold in real-time through Deal-ID’s and can also be surfaced as a PMP’s. We work with our clearing partners to enable as high fill rate / liquidity as possible.

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Mercor’s proprietary technology enhances the most important benefits of using programmatic, for both publishers and agencies.  We take pride in trading only in our competency. Our principal positions and detailed advice to agencies and publishers make advertising more liquid with less risk.


A team of Industry experts in agency trading and publisher sales.

Robin Zieme

Robin Zieme is an executive who combines a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship with an impressive background as a global business leader in digital media and technology. At each stop in his career, he has proficiently managed revenue and P&L growth having built businesses around the world, including US, UK, APAC and the Nordic’s

Robin co-founded Mercor to help agencies clear positions and deliver on the revenue goals established with the publisher community and media partners. Mercor’s platform provides a seamless clearing solution where both agencies and publisher benefit.Robin leads global media sales and negotiations with major holding companies, their respective agencies and top publishers.

Bill  Drolet

A trusted media veteran, with over 25 years of experience. After a decade of leading sales and business development in Broadcast and Cable TV, Bill began his entrepreneurial career in digital media. Bill successfully lead sales and business development for Comcast, Time Inc, The Weather Channel, and Yahoo!
Bill is passionate about addressable media and focused on industry leading technology solutions that drive exponential business results. Bill is a keen strategist, and successful market maker and passionate about technology. As President & Co-Founder, Bill leads day to day operation and the strategic direction and growth of the company

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